About Fresh Brew Finance:

I was sitting with my friends at a local brewery and we were all talking about these amazing, rare beers from around the country that we had tried   The craft beer craze had hit our age group in a big way.  I want to bring Finance to that group in a way that is fun, fresh and clean – just like our favorite fresh craft brews. Every blog will be short, fresh and to the point – they usually read best when consumed with your favorite fresh brew.

About Me:

I am an under 30 business professional with an MBA working in sales and marketing with a passion for all things finance.   Married with a daughter and brand new identical twin boys, my passion comes from ensuring the family is taken care of for years to come.

My enthusiasm for finance developed at an early age, but I started really studying during my last semester of Graduate School when the weight of the student loans truly hit me.  Since then, I have pursued a great deal of information and education on all things personal finance to help make the best decisions for my family.

I have wanted to start a finance blog for quite some time.  I have become the go to among my friends and family for advice on how to handle certain financial decisions.  I think I can bring this same knowledge to the blogosphere.  People in my age group are beginning to make life-changing decisions about buying cars, houses, student loans, and investing – I am here to help make those go smoother

4 main topics of interest

1)  Personal Finance

2)  Student Loans

3)  Career Development

4)  Life Hacks

I am looking forward to sharing my passion with everyone.