Actionable Life hacks that will Actually Save you CASH

Actionable Life hacks that will Actually Save you CASH

I am obsessed with finding life hacks. My quest for constant efficiency and reduced waste is borderline weird. Most of these type of articles will tell you put ice cream in the end of your PB or Nutella jar to finish it off, or how to use a Pepsi bottle as a sprinkler. While these are cool tips, they really won’t improve your quality of life significantly. Below are three simple tips and hacks that can actually save you money and improve your efficiency.

Amazon Warehouse

Deals, deals, deals! Most people don’t realize that you can buy returns and slightly used things from amazon through Amazon Warehouse. It is below every item with a “buy used” link, just make sure the seller is amazon warehouse not a random 3rd party supplier. The quality will surprise you, and you typically get the same warranty from the manufacturer as buying new. I recently bought my Apple TV from there for a significant discount. If you are really paying attention, they run 20% off limited time sales on all Warehouse items almost monthly.

MVNO Cell Phone Providers

Mobile Virtual Network Operators lease wireless phone and data services from the Big Four carriers. It still shocks me to hear how expensive some cell phone plans cost nowadays, especially for just those solo lines. Some of my friends are paying $130 per month for a single unlimited data line. This is BANANAS. When my wife decided to stay home with the kids and “retire”, she had to give up that company cell phone. We researched and landed on Cricket for her new phone. It is $55/mo for unlimited data and we have had absolutely ZERO issues. The friends that I have convinced to switch over to similar plans have all been more than satisfied. The technology has become almost a commodity at this point, better coverage is basically a myth. Don’t buy into the hype, and protect that wallet and get the big monthly savings.

Buy Coupons on eBay

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought Lowe’s 10% off coupons while I’m shopping in the store, yes I am that guy. They are typically good on the entire purchase and you get the coupon emailed immediately. Buying a $2.00 coupon to save $15 on a $150 purchase, now that is a great ROI! This even works on big purchases like appliances or equipment – when we bout our washer we saved over $100 instantly. Many other retailers have coupons available that savvy consumers sell on eBay for instant delivery. This takes under 5 minutes and can save you quick money!

These consumer purchasing life hacks can save you some serious cash over time. If you truly need something, why not pay the best price? Happy deal hunting. Please share any other good deals or hacks that you have found.

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