The One Trick to Get Ahead at your Job

The One Trick to Get Ahead at your Job

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at our jobs. It’s amazing how impactful having a career that you value and continues to challenges your development. Eight hours, at minimum, a day is a big time investment throughout our lives. So can you ensure that you are doing everything possible to get ahead and live up to your potential.

The company doesn’t own your career path, or development. The one thing that most employees whiff on is TAKING OWNERSHIP.

Here are some quick tips you can take to own your career.


One of the most overlooked pieces of career development. Having an advocate at the higher levels of the company can do wonders for you career. Owning this and creating content will be key to getting the most out of this. You should also pick someone outside of your direct line of reporting structure, this will broaden your horizon across functions. Go find that mentor, as soon as possible.


Some employees people make the mistake to chase money and promotions early in their career. I have tried to build my career as a pyramid, by setting a good base of diverse skill sets at the bottom it will make me a better leader at the top. Do not be afraid to take a lateral move to broaden skill sets. Acquire as many marketable skills as possible, this is your job security.

Constant Learning

Develop an attitude of constant positive vibes. Instead of thinking that a task is a burden, how can you reverse that into a great learning opportunity. Take every opportunity to grow and advance your reach within a company. Learn from your leaders that you respect, take advantage of every encounter to learn and develop.

Your career is a marathon not a sprint. Taking the time to find a strong mentor that can be your accountability champion will help tremendously. You can use this person to help identify which skills are most desirable, and chase those development opportunities frequently. Always be on the look out for a great chance to learn from your leaders.

Good luck developing into that dream role!

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